Coaching for Pre Law to Bar Examinee


Coaching for Pre Law to Bar Examinee

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Believe me, there is nothing I wished more for as a law student than a coach!

Being in the legal profession has a way of bringing out the very worst in the very best people. From the process of trying to figure out how to study for the LSAT, to the nerve wrecking feeling of waiting a few months to find out if you got your dream score (no one ever does). To writing down a few hundred versions of your personal statements!! 

And if you are successful in all of the above and finding the perfect program for you, the real battle begins:

What the heck is an outline?

Surely the first year of law school is not as hard as they make it out to be?

Why didn't any one tell me law school was so hard?

I am dropping out of law school!

Why am i so sleep deprived?

Why are they no tests all through the semester in law school?

How do I outline again?

What are those commercial outlines others are using?

Did we really get assigned a 200 page case to read in 2 days?

PLEASE GOD don't let me get called on today?

Oh crap, the professor just called my name!

I need wine!

I need to scream!

I need a hug.

Law school is not thaat bad!

I love law school - is that weird?

2L year is so much better!

Oh wait, I spoke too soon.

How are externships different from internships?

What is OCI?

Where do I find legal internships?

No one will hire me.

No one should hire me!!

What classes should I take?

How does the bar work?

When do I need to register for the Bar?

I haven't eaten real food in a week.

Finals will be the death of me.

I haven't called my mom in 2 weeks.

What is a shower!

More caffeine please.

What happened to changing the world.

I think I might be getting a hang of this law school thing.

Moot court? Trial advocacy? Law review? Public interest?

Why am I here?

Why are people so mean?

Why is the law so mean?

I need more time on Pinterest.


LIKE I said, I wished for nothing more than a coach and some one who could come along side me and legitimize every thing that was going on in my head while simultaneously helping me see the big picture and guiding me along the path. Someone who got it - who didn't expect me to "get over it." Someone who had been through it before and could help me feel normal. 

In my own way I had a few of those people and I would like to be that person for you.

I have different coaching packages depending on how great of an investment you would like to make in helping your legal career take off with as little stress as possible - ranging from a one hour, one time coaching call to a six month long term coaching package. 

When you pay, You will receive an email from me within 24 hours asking you three questions about where you are in the process of becoming a lawyer. Based on your answer to those questions, we will work to set up your ideal personalized coaching goals and set up an appointment time.

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