A-List Law Student Workshop

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A-List Law Student Workshop


This 6 week virtual workshop course will be personalized and individualized to supercharge your success as a law student and set you apart from the other 40,000 law students that will graduate with your law school class all over the United States.

Some of sessions include

  • Legal profession action plan
  • Stress management
  • A library full of tips from successful law school A-listers
  • One-on-one reviewing your papers (resumes, cover letters, outlines) with me.
  • Branding and marketing.
  • Sessions dedicated to asking your substantive law questions·       


  • When does the course start? Registration opens up on October 1st, 2016. The course starts on the week of the 8th of October, 2016.
  • How long is the workshop? There is content for 6 weeks and on the 7th week during our one-on-one meeting time, you get the entire time slot to ask questions you have on substantive law materials while getting ready for finals.
  • What should I expect from the workshop? After signing up, I will give you access to my course Calendar where you can put in a one hour time slot that would work for you every week based on our mutual availability. On the start day of the course  we will have our first meeting. It will be a party with everyone that signed up for the course. We will answer questions and I will give you homework. Every other meeting will be one-on-one based on the meeting times you signed up for.
  • How demanding is the workshop? I understand that law students already have too much homework so I am making this course as non-time consuming as possible. I expect you to spend 30 minutes every week thinking through the material we talk about in addition to the hour we spend on the coaching call. There are 168 hours every week and I promise that if you can spend 90 minutes every week devoted to your professional development for 6 weeks, you will be much happier.
Ready to begin my journey!