salem afangideh


Who I Am

I am Salem Afangideh, quite possibly the most interesting person you will ever meet. 

Well for one, unless you've met other members of my family, You've never met an Afangideh before. Afangideh in my Nigerian language means "path of courage." We are our own bred!

I am proudly Nigerian, but I currently call Alabama home, an extroverted introvert, who talks at 100mph when I get excited.

I do adult things like practice law, run an organization that I co-founded with my best friend, teach yoga to normal everyday people who want to move and breathe better. My best friends include my mother, some awesome people in my tribe that cheer me on, and BOOKS. Yes, I have lots of book besties.

I write, I sing, I believe in the power of words, I people-watch, I psycho-analyze myself a ton. I am learning to embrace small talk and be okay with total vulnerability. 

I am a dreamer trapped inside the body of a lawyer, trapped in the soul of a recovering 'perfectionist' doer, with the spirit of a carefree black girl - so really I'm also just your normal 20-something trying to figure out who she is outside of what she does. Really i'm just a star dust leading to the Super star.

What I'm About (in no order):

Where justice meets kindness.

Changing the world.

Re-defining Lawyering.

Empowering Women.

Reclaiming Yoga for Jesus.


Ending Human Trafficking.

Helping Africans get over colonialism & love themselves again.

Racial Reconciliation.

Restorative Justice.

Wielding power for good.

Exploring Creativity.



Shattering some glass ceiling with a baby on my hips.
— Salem Afangideh