salem afangideh

This past weekend I asked my college-aged brother to describe me in one word. After a few seconds of silence and what felt like eternity, He finally said “Salem.” I rolled my eyes and asked what he meant. He said “unique.”

If you really know me, you know that I am somewhat of a blend between “type A” and “care free black girl.”

If you REALLY REALLY know me, we have probably had this conversation about how I’m stuck in the middle of two extreme and equally strong personalities.

My type A personality has served me faithfully as an intellectual and led me to become a lawyer at the ripe young age of 21. I am eternally grateful. However my chill, calm and collected personality (Care Free Black Girl) led me to explore Yoga and eventually to become a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga is one of my favorite gigs in life. I am also eternally grateful. Most days, these two equally strong personas feel like they are constantly going back and forth with each other. It usually goes something like this in my brain:

Type A: Salem, you really should stay up another hour and work on this project.

CFBG: Nope. Its 10pm. Its bedtime. I am in need of bedtime tea, total darkness, some yoga stretches, maybe a hot bath, and 8 hours of sleep.

Type A: But you have all this work to get done.

CFBG: There will always be work to get done. GO to sleep NOW! Turn off the electronics NOW.

Anyways, you get the idea.

However lately there is something that both of these strong personalities agree on (which makes me really happy) – hold your plans loosely.

As my Type A self keeps trying to get prepared for Court and other lawyer obligations I have going on this week, there is this reminder that no matter how much I prepare the case could be continued or dismissed or settled. A reminder from my Type A self that the best I can do is to be prepared yet hold my plans loosely. After all the best Lawyers are the ones who can think on their feet and not necessarily the ones who have the best argument crafted and memorized for weeks. My Care Free Black Girl/Yoga persona agrees - hold those plans loosely. Do your best and surrender to the unknowing.


surrender to unknown