Why Millennials Should Feel Entitled

A few weeks ago I did the math and realized I have been legal counsel to someone who was more than TRIPLE my age. Now that may not be a big deal to some, but to me, who has almost always been insecure about being the youngest person in the room - that was worthy of a self ice-cream date.

In my profession being young is not considered to be a virtue. 
Couple that with being black,
and being female.

Recipe for doubt, lack of confidence, stress, and perfectionism.

As of the day of posting this, I am 88 days away from my 23rd birthday and I am finally at a place of peace and confidence in the fact that I am the youngest person in the room. I am finally confident advising people that have more life experience than me. I am finally proud of my accomplishments and do not diminish them because they came 'easy' to me.

I am finally finding my groove and my people - which has made all the difference.

I hear a lot of rhetoric about millennials feeling entitled and as I have grown into my confidence I am also more comfortable with being entitled. The way I see it, millennials do have a right to feel entitled. In our generation we have had to grow up really fast, to care about issues that generations before us have never had to care about, we have made some really valuable contributions to the world is such a short time frame. And we are comfortable celebrating ourselves and asking for what we want.

Thats' all entitlement looks like.

And I don't think that is a bad thing. 

Does it sound entitled when I clear off one afternoon a month on my schedule to go get a massage?

Absolutely! My parents say so.

But the same parents will also agree that the other days that month have been spent dealing with issues and pressures they did not have to deal with early on in their professional careers, in addition to dealing with trolls on twitter, and navigating the confusing world of dating apps.

A large number of millennials I know are keeping up with their day jobs,
spending their evenings working on their passion projects,
keeping up with their friends from all over the world via social media.
paying attention to social issues and educating our parent's on the underbelly of said issues,
while managing to dismantle patriarchy and deconstruct destructive societal norms.

So maybe after all we do we deserve to be a little bit more choosy about attending a church that actually feels like home, or maybe our entitlement shows up in wanting to plan an elaborate YouTube worthy proposal for our darling, or maybe like me it shows up in clearing an entire afternoon to turn off the phone and go be at the spa.

Whatever way it shows up - if its in wanting to work a 4 hour work week, or wanting to take a year off from all the cultural expectations and go travel the world - it is okay.

Lets own the entitlement and stop trying to convince others of how worthy we are to take up space and live lives we are proud of.