I love how technology has the ability to connect us - here I am sitting right across from you with my 'Zen' tea in hand in the early hours of the morning, wondering what you will be doing when you read this. What are you doing? How has your week been? What mood are you in? Take a second to check in with yourself. Take a deep cleansing inhale and feel it deep from your belly.

Doesn't that feel so great?!

I really love that you chose to spend time with my words. Thank you! I'll make it quick and straight to the point!

I am giving you a charge for today -

Do one thing to Nourish your body, soul, spirit. 

Put yourself in an environment that will help you Flourish.

Completely Slay one thing you do today.

Completely small, actionable, and do-able but it will change your life if you actually do it.

A few months ago I gave myself the same charge just for one day and it has evolved to be a living breathing part in my life. It forced me to evaluate the things I was doing and how nourishing they were to me and really think about the things that nourish. It made me realize that watching TV after a stressful day at work was not in fact nourishing or stress relieving. It helped me notice that I flourish better where there is no clutter and put me on a war against clutter in my spaces and led me to be only surrounded by things that Spark Joy (Thank you Marie Kondo). It also led me to change the way I view productivity, rather than my usual way of adding more things on my to-do list than I could ever get to, I cut my list down by 50% and decided that my goal was to 'slay' at the 50% - I am slaying! Thanks to this charge I have incorporated some big changes to my diet - that were really just small changes at the time (Always eat Kale salads on Saturdays, No meat on Sundays, Meal prep sundays and Wednesdays, 3 fruits & a veggie for lunch most days, Buy groceries at a place that makes you feel good about yourself).

So here's to a charge that will change your life - but don't start on it with the intent to change everything - just do one small thing TODAY. And the day after if you wish. Small changes over time in the grand scheme of life are the big things.

Have a wonderful day my friend and hop on to my instagram page and let me know if you intend to take me up on the charge and how it has changed you!