Hello new blog readers!


So excited that you are joining me for the ride.

This is not my first rodeo at blogging. I've been doing this writing thing for over 6 years now, and I am still in awe of the fact that people actually read what I write, so THANK YOU!!

You are my reason. 

In my years of life, there has been one unshakeable theme - I LOVE STORIES. I love to listen to them, tell them, read them, and write them.

 As I have navigated life in law - first as a student of the LSAT, then a personal statement guru, moving on up to a first year law student, to graduating law school, a summer of hell Bar Exam prep, passing the bar, finding for a legal job, and now as a licensed Attorney in the State of Alabama- telling stories of my experiences in a way that has the capacity to inspire, motivate, and educate has been very important to me.

  And that is the sole reason for this blog. 

Another unshakeable theme in my life has been how paradoxical I am! I self-identify as a creative stuck in the brain of an intellectual, stuck in the body of an African free-spirit. Talk about confused.

While my birth order has always explained the responsible, put together, first-kid-behavior, my birth date has always accounted for the scorpio-complicated yet caring part of me, it was Myers-Briggs helped me understand fully the creative part of me - the INFP.

However, Myers Briggs came with a warning label - INFP'S CANNOT BE LAWYERS.

 We are introspective, creative, idealistic, harmony-seeking, cause pursuing, gentle, independent, sensitive, creative healers and the legal profession is 'not worthy of us.' Now this may be my idealism showing up, but I happen to LOVE the law and believe in its capacity to create change in the lives of people all around the world, and I love a good challenge. Through 3 years of law school and taking the Bar Exam, I have come to understand that warning, but I have also thrived through law in a way that I am certain would not happen in any other profession.

 So I am committed.

  • Committed to bringing cautious creativity into my corner of the law.
  • Committed to challenge status-quo.
  •  Committed to being open to having those hard conversations.
  •  Committed to bringing mindfulness and peacefulness into my practice.
  •  Committed to empathy balanced with self care.
  •  I am committed to loving the INFP lawyer within so I can adequately serve my clients.

 Thats my story guys and #LoveALawyerDay is a good day to share it.

 [Through my writing, I do not intend to convey that I am an expert or to advertise my legal services. However if you REALLY REALLY feel like we would be a good fit, you know how to find me.]