creatives and outsourcing

Hello there, you sparkly awesome creative entrepreneur.

I know!! I know!!!

Out-sourcing is the one thing you read about and hear about often enough but never seem to do.

Actually, its not that you can't do it. You just plainly don't want to do it.

And i get it completely. As a creative myself (co-founder of THRIVE African Girl) it took me several months of beating myself up over all the unchecked off to-do lists when it came to my business for me to realized I needed...an intern. We have successfully graduated to 2 interns which I consider an amazing life growth. [round of applause please and thank you]

I am totally not here for beating you up yet AGAIN about outsourcing your work, but I want to share my secret, not-so-secret-anymore ephipany that might change your perspective on out-sourcing.

[As a side note, if you are a brand new creative and have no idea what out-sourcing is, check back in at the end of the week for a post on creative entrepreneur lingo]

See in addition to being a creative entrepreneur,  I am also a Lawyer that works for creatives.  I help businesses get started on the right foot, and work with non-profits to help protect their assets from liability. I am that person that brings up the potential pot holes that a creative venture might sink into and shows them how to avoid falling. I take care of the legal implications of having brain children so creatives can be creative.


I finally decided to write this post to you, creative that is afraid of trusting anyone with your 'baby' because I KNOW how much work I will put into your 'baby' to make sure it is well taken care off. At the moment we both decide to put me in control of the legal needs of your creative opportunities, I realize the privilege I have been given and I will do anything (within the bounds of the law of course) to make sure YOU are well taken care off.

And let me tell you confidently, reading a few blogs about something you are not trained in and trying to DIY is a waste of your valuable creative time.

I know it because I have lived it as a business owner.

I am almost ashamed to say that I spent over 100 hours learning about building a website from scratch and I am at best mediocre at it. I could have outsourced that time and used half of those 200 hours to create content for my tribe, but at last...


Since I get to be within and without, I have come to realize that the people you outsource graphic design, legal work, website building, etc all REALLY enjoy what they do. If I am willing to do my research and find someone that I feel good about compensating to take care of my 'baby,' they will do an amazing job and free me up to focus on building my brand.

That's it folks!! Hopefully this  will give you the courage to call up that person you know you need to call. It really is a privilege to serve others in our areas of talent and training...most of the time.

How is this true in your line of work? Have you ever out-sourced and not felt good about your decision? Meet me in the comments!!




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