Wholistic Womanhood & The NEED for Sabbaticals



"The thing before the thing"

For the past 5 months mom & I have been gathering together at our local Church on Thursday evenings with some women all around the city to explore womanhood through the lens of care and nurture for our bodies, souls, and spirits.

It has been FANTASTIC. This Wholistic Womanhood Class as we called it!

I mean, I knew it would be great because my mom and I are both great teachers, but I was not expecting the level of trust, openness, vulnerability, and diversity that came from the women in our group. The ladies made the group! Getting to teach with my mom was just icing on an already loaded triple layered chocolate cake. (sorry got carried away there for a second).

In this class, one of my favorite lessons was the idea of "the thing before the thing."

A radical concept that maybe what we do is not the most important thing, but that the unseen, unquantifiable alignment that precedes our action is what actually matters most.

Whats the thing before the thing?

Eating well. 
Nourishing your Spirit.
Going for a walk.
Calling up a friend.
Pampering yourself.

Basically what you do before the action that gets you in a good mental space to TAKE action.

This radical idea became a mantra as questions like: "whats the thing before the thing" got asked around in our community as a way to encourage each other to stop, evaluate, and care before moving into action.

This summer I asked that question of myself (because I don't just teach this stuff, i've lived it and its changed my life). And I knew that the answer was a sabbatical of sorts.

So for the next 3 months I will be unplugging from social media, 
traveling as much as possible,
working minimally,
creating fun memories with the people I love,
writing my books,
and falling in love with the beautiful life I have.


  1. To remember that we are more than our titles: In the past 2 years as I have transitioned from student/entrepreneur to Lawyer & Entrepreneur, there has been a shift in the way I have been perceived because of my title. While I appreciate being respected, I need to remind myself that I am not Salem - the lawyer, I am Salem - who spends her time practicing law.
  2. To Detox: Do you realize that well over 90% of our days come from our unconscious mind, so we don't consciously and intentionally do most of the things that we do. In the past few weeks as I have been taking inventory of my feelings and actions, I have noticed that quite a few things I do stem from faulty ways of thinking that I have outgrown. So this time away will serve as a controlled medium to only consume things I want and to go deep into my unconscious mind and remove somethings.
  3. To Nourish: Clean foods, long luxurious sleep, and some form of physical movement - all the studies have shown that we need these things to be our best selves. They are the magic pills of a healthy and happy life, yet how often do we choose them? I know I could do a better job! So this time will be time to create rhythms and routines that support me in nourishing my body, soul, and spirit as the different entities they are. 


Hey ladies, if you are in the montgomery, Alabama area and would like to be a part of this group in the Fall send an email to wholisticwomanhood@gmail.com

Hey ladies, if you are in the montgomery, Alabama area and would like to be a part of this group in the Fall send an email to wholisticwomanhood@gmail.com