Once upon a time I was once like the general population of Monday haters, but for the past year I have been part of a better club - the Monday lovers club. I love Mondays and in this post I would like to show fellow Monday haters how they can love Mondays too.

BUT first, here's one good reason to LOVE your Monday. Monday's are like weekly New Years. Imagine going into a new year with the mindset of 'ugh, this sucks, last year was not long enough.' I know right? We all at least try to be positive about the New Year. We get hopeful, leave the old behind, get excited and good scared about the new-ness. Thats how to approach a Monday.

  1.  HAVE SOMETHING FUN PLANNED FOR YOUR MONDAY: In your weekly calendar, schedule in some fun activity for Monday. That keeps you looking forward to your Mondays. For me, I teach my Yoga for stressed out professionals class on Monday evenings & I have my weekly small group time with some of my favorite girls. That keeps me excited and anticipating Mondays all week long. 
  2. A MONDAY INDULGENCE: I am also a big believer in small indulgences. While that looks different for everyone, a small dose of something you love on a Monday makes you excited about the day. For me thats either some warm baked sweet potatoes for breakfast (I love baked sweet potatoes they taste like honey) or  my special Morning tea followed by an article from my favorite magazine  Darling Magazine. The hope of a small indulgence keeps a smile on your face.
  3. BE A BRAIN WARRIOR: Do something your brain will thank you for!! In the past few months since I started being intentional about the health of my brain, I have realized that happy brain = happy life. Some basic things that make the brain happy are physical exercise, mental exercise, good healthy fats (like nuts and avocado's), adult coloring books. Here's a list of brain healthy prescriptions from my FAVORITE brain Doctor (Dr. Amen).
  4. READ SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU BETTER: Reading technically fits under a brain healthy activity, but I think it deserves a special point on its own merit. We become what we behold, so rather than spend those first few minutes of your day on social media or a gossip blog, read something that has the capacity to transform you. For me its always the Bible and a personal development book. This week my personal development reads are "The Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. 
  5. HAVE A MEETING WITH YOURSELF: Sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, I gather my best and most alert self together for a meeting. If you've already downloaded my Productivity Accelerator, you know this already. In this meeting I talk about the previous week, things I did well and things I could do better. I go over my monthly goals list and create bite sized weekly goals. Its where "Salem the visionary" meets with "Salem the employee" for some critical evaluation time filled with love, brutal honesty, and grace. This meeting sets the tone for my week and helps me create actionable items.  If you would like a guide for your weekly self meetings, leave your email below and you will get a direct link to my Productivity Accelerator that explains it all.

Happy Monday friends! Go live the heck out of your day.