In 2009 I think I fell in LOVE for the first time. I fell hard and fast.

You know the kind o f love that you can't help talking about to everyone who seems remotely willing to listen? I still remember the exact room I was in when I was filled with the overwhelming feeling of being in love - it was blissful.

The culprit of my hard and fast love? Well, if you must know - i fell hard for Business Law. It wasn't my teacher per se that made me interested. It was the minute I got my syllabus and looked through it. I found my happy place for the next few months as I studied the intersection of Business and Law - two things I cared incredibly about. I realized through reading case after case how the law could protect business and non profits and help them supercharge their growth. I also felt incredibly sad for those business owners who did not realize how powerful of a tool the law could be and how that led their businesses to become their nightmare. I was smitten. I was talking about it to every one in my family. Fascinating stuff!!

Really though I've always been interested in business - after all, I am the daughter of a woman who started a business producing and selling soy bean milk right about the time I was conceived, and a man who had run a successful law business before I was conceived. Later on in my childhood, my mom and my dad decided that their dream contribution in the world was to start and fund a non profit school with a difference in my city. There were just a few private secondary (high) schools in my city and there was a huge disparity between the schools the rich kids went to and the schools that the average/middle-class could afford to send their kids though - they decided to start and from their income fund a school with the best quality and affordable prices. Day in and day out I grew to appreciate the business and non profit world  but it wasn't till 2009 that I fell in love!

As I sat in this required Business Law course, I realized that I really loved seeing how the law affected and played out in the context of Businesses and Non Profit Organizations. A few years later I started law school and while my interest in law broadened to International Law, Human Trafficking Law, Immigration Law, my love for business law never faded. While in law school I took all the Business Law classes I could get my brains on, I worked for free at several Non Profits, and I started my own business with my best friend- a social enterprise that empowers African women and is en route to blow up the African economy. 

Very few things compare to the pleasure I feel when I help non profits, business owners, and potential business owners supercharge their businesses by understanding the legal market and protecting their legacies from law suits. If you are a business owner, on a non profit board, or a potential business owner thats serious about using the law supercharge and protect your business - lets talk. Send me an email! In the subject of your email include a brief description of where in your business journey you are and I will send you some freebies tailored to my business friends and hopefully we can work together to make your business/non profit your happy place and keep it from being your nightmare.